Overview of our Basic Services


Wellness & Preventative Medicine - including Vaccinations

Our mission is to maintain health & wellness throughout your family pet life. We wish to help you minimize the need to treat and cure disease. Therefore, preventive medicine is our goal as this increases your pets chance of having a long and healthy life. We accomplish this through routine physical examinations of your pet, as well as through the use of a personalized vaccine program.

Spay and Neuter / Small Animal Surgery / Dentistry

We offer routine spay and neuter surgeries for dogs and cats of all ages. Please call us to inquire about pricing. All of our spay/neuter surgeries include the use of our trained and qualified RVTs (Registered Veterinary Technician) to monitor the anesthesia and recovery of your pet


We perform a variety of other routine surgeries. Please call to inquire.

As our pets are now living longer lives, dental care is now more important then ever. We are pleased to offer complete dental care services for your cats and dogs that include scaling and polishing and digital dental X-rays. We also will provide a complete take home package to help your pet stay on top of dental hygiene.

Pharmacy / Diagnostics / Radiology

Our in-house pharmacy allows us to quickly prescribe and dispense the medications or care products needed to treat your pets.


Quick diagnosis is critical in assessing the health status of your pet, which allows us to determine the appropriate course of therapy. Our fully equipped, in-house laboratory gives us the ability to provide the level of service your pet deserves. We can run full blood panels while you wait and can have most results within 20 minutes. In 2019 we added a full in-house urine analyzer that gets results back to you in 10 minutes!


Our in-house Digital X-Ray equipment gives us the ability to quickly assess the status of any physical injuries, anomolies, or malformations that may be affecting your pet.

Nutritional Consultation / Behavioural Consultations

Choosing the best diet for your pet can be a very confusing challenge! Cambrian Animal Hospital takes a special interest in nutrition and can help clients make an informed decision about their pet"s nutrition. Our vets provide consultations for clients interested in formulating the optimum diet for their pets. Only your veterinarian has the training required, plus the intimate knowledge of your pet’s needs, to make an educated decision for optimizing your pet’s nutrition.


Behavioural Consults are a growing area of veterinary medical interest. More options are now available to help reduce or eliminate inappropriate pet behaviors. Please feel free to speak to our dedicated team should you have concerns in this area.

End of Life Care

As your pet ages, our veterinarians are dedicated to helping them live as comfortably as possible. We can provide consultations to you in regards to end of life care and can discuss options when it comes to be that time for them to cross rainbow bridge.